What's it really like to use a mobile hairdresser?

When I fell chronically ill with 3 small children, I found the trips to the hairdresser stressful, expensive and time consuming. So I turned to a mobile hairdresser for help. But what it is really like to have your hair done at home?

I have always loved having my hair done, since I was a teenager, I would colour and cut my own hair. But as I got older, I started indulging in getting my hair done in salons. Sometimes the cost of a salon cut and colour was astronomical! Then once the children started needing cuts too, I found the cost of salons out of my budget. Not to mention the hassle of actually getting the time to go to the salon by myself and the stress of taking 3 children to a salon by myself! A little over 18 months ago, I found a brilliant mobile hairdresser who cuts/colours all 5 of us in our home. So here’s what it’s like to have a home hairdresser.

Who is she?

Belinda started cutting and colouring my hair about 18 months ago, when she moved to the Adelaide Hills from Melbourne, after her husband was relocated for his work. She has 3 young children, around the same age as mine. Belinda has over 16 years experience and also works from a salon, which she loves because she always has all of her materials on hand, rather than having to carry them with her from place to place. Belinda loves home hair dressing as it “Gives me flexibility around my kids and I can do it whenever suits me”. Belinda is extremely skilled at what she does and if I have an event on, she styles my hair after the colour, so all I have to do is my makeup when she leaves.

What does she do?

Well, just about anything that you can have done in a salon, you can have done at home. Belinda’s usual routine with us 5 is as follows:

  1. Puts on my foils and base colour (if I’m changing colour completely, but usually it’s just my foils)

  2. While my foils are processing, she cuts the 3 children

  3. Washes out my colour and puts on my toner

  4. Washes out my toner

  5. Blow dry/straighten and cuts my hair

  6. Cuts Andrews hair

The whole process can take anywhere from 2.5-4 hours depending on what shes doing for me. Sometimes I have a full head of foils and a style, which obviously takes longer than a half head of foils and a straight blow dry.

How much does she charge?

Well, the overall cost is A LOT cheaper than just me going to a salon. She charges the following:

Men’s cut $20

Kids cut $10 each

My colour, cut and blow dry can be between $120-150 depending on what I’m having done

Travel fee $10

So all up, if all 3 children are having cuts (Taylor usually only has hers done every second visit) and I’m having a full head of foils and a style, she charges $210. When I was getting a full head of foils and a blow dry in a salon, I was usually getting charged around $220-250.

What are the benefits?

Wow. They are literally endless. I love having the flexibility of being able to have my hair done at home while I do other household chores, like doing the washing, unpacking the dishwasher, and cleaning the bathroom; instead of sitting in a salon chair, trying not to look at myself in those mirrors (which somehow manage to make you look like an awkward, ugly elderly person) reading trashy tabloid magazines that were printed 4 years ago. I LOVE having her come to the house. It’s so convenient to have her come to us, especially on the days that my chronic illnesses are taking over, I can stay in my pj’s while she comes to us. I find it so much easier with the children too. Rather than wrangling 3 kids to the salon, they can be off playing in their rooms or outside, until it's their turn. No tantrums or embarrassing public meltdowns!

What are the downsides?

Well, for me, the only downside is having to bend over the kitchen sink while she washes my colour out. Apart from that, I have no downsides to having my hair done at home. Belinda also agrees that washing clients hair out over the kitchen sink isn’t ideal, but isn’t a deal breaker.

My verdict?

I love love love having Belinda come to the house to do our colour and cuts. We have formed a good relationship over the years and Belinda even helped pick my children up from a wedding and take them home to the babysitter for me. I enjoy having a chat and a glass of wine at the end, all while being in the comfort of our own home. Belinda can bring her children with her, should she need or want to, so we both enjoy that flexibility. I would not only strongly recommend Belinda, but overall I would recommend for any busy mum to find themselves a skilled hairdresser that can work from the comfort of your own home. You can see the amazing work that Belinda does here

I hope this helps when it comes to deciding if a mobile hairdresser is right for you and your family. Let me know your thoughts below!

Love you all, Dee