Why I switched to an oil based skincare and you should too

I have always had oily skin, so I would never have thought I'd have this result when I swapped my regular cleansers and moisturisers to oil products.

Whilst I have always had pretty clear skin, it has always been oily. As I reached my late 30's I noticed my skin ageing before my eyes. Sure, I had 3 kids, a chronic brain disease and worked almost full time in my dental surgery, but there was no way I was going to accept ageing skin! So my quest for a new skin care regime began.

Oil based cleansers have been used for hundreds of years, and while modern skin care regimes shunned the use of oils, they are now making a comeback as women around the world rediscover the incredible benefits of using oils to support the good bacteria that naturally lives on the skin.

I initially started using MooGoo's Oil Cleansing Method after advice from the skin care adviser from my local health food shop and I was instantly impressed. It really didn't take too long for my fine lines around my eyes to start to smooth out and the lines on my forehead have all but disappeared.

“I'm nearly 40 years old and I regularly get asked if

I've had botox!”

I began to get adult onset acne around my chin and cheeks, but using an oil cleanser cleared it up within a couple of weeks. My skin is so clear and smooth now, I'm nearly 40 and I regularly get asked if I've had botox, which I haven't, my skin has just changed so much thanks to the oils.

But won't my skin be an oil pit if I already have oily skin?

This was honestly my biggest fear when I started using oils. But it's actually been the opposite. Your body will naturally start to produce its own oils if your skin is dry, so it becomes a bit of a vicious cycle; The oilier your skin becomes, the more products you use to dry it, then your body produces more oil and its a disaster cycle! After you start using oil products for a week or so, your skin adjusts accordingly and your skin becomes less oily.

Can I remove my make up with oils?

Yes! I cleanse and moisturise with oils and my skin is so silky smooth now. Using oils will remove your make up without drying the skin while gently removing dead skin cells and impurities. When I use my foam cleanser to remove my waterproof mascara, I remove even more make up with oil cleansing pads, so oil cleansing definitely cleans your skin more than regular cleansers.

Which oil products are the best?

I started using MooGoo Oil Cleansing Method, but when I lost my job due to Covid19, I did my research and ended up making my own blend, which works brilliantly as both a cleanser and a moisturiser. The blend that I made was;

Organic cold pressed Olive Oil

Castor Oil

Avocado Oil

Jojoba Oil

"When I lost my job due to Covid19, I did my research and ended up making my own blend, which works brilliantly as both a cleanser and a moisturiser"

I've recently switched to Go-To Properly Clean as my cleanser, and whilst the smell is slightly more pleasing, I find the oil blend that I made is more soothing and nourishing for my skin. The Go-To Face Hero Oil is a really nice face oil to use after cleansing and a lovely light oil to use day to day.

How to oil cleanse

  1. Apply 2 teaspoons of oil to the palm of your hands and gentle massage into dry face using fingertips

  2. Massage for 2 minutes to allow oil to penetrate into the skin and lift impurities. I leave the oil on my face while I'm washing the rest of my body in the shower. I find the warmth from the shower and the steam really allows the oils to get in deep and leaves my skin silky smooth

  3. Use a face washer or soft cloth to gently remove excess oil. Be careful not to remove too much oil or apply too much pressure, as too much pressure can cause breakouts. You want your skin to feel hydrated, but not overly greasy or irritated from scrubbing

  4. Pat dry and apply moisturiser if you feel you need it. I apply a few more drops of clean oil blend, I find it creates a really lovely base for my make up

I find that the oil blend has a bit of trouble removing my waterproof mascara, so I use Garnier Micellar All in One Cleansing Water on my eyes first, then use the oil on the rest of my face.

Here's a no-filter photo of my skin, which I think is looking pretty darn good for a nearly

40 year old mother of 3

Overall Verdict

I am definitely an oily convert! For years I used oil drying products to clear my skin, but as I aged, my skin needed more and more moisture. My home-made oil blend combined with Go-To Face Hero Oil is the perfect match for my 40 year old skin. My fine lines have all but disappeared and my skin is plump, smooth and my make up goes on easily and doesn't settle into creases. I highly recommend for anyone with ageing or acne prone skin, to give oil cleansing and moisturising a red hot crack.

Let me know if you're an oily convert like me. What is your favourite brands and tell me if you make your own face oils blend too! Comment below, I love reading your experiences.

Love you all, Dee