My honest review of EnviroClean Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner

Since Spring is here, I thought it was time I did some Spring cleaning and get stuck into the children’s rooms. On my quest for changing my home to all chemical free products, I purchased EnviroCarePlant Based All Purpose Cleaner from GoVita here’s my honest review.


RRP was $8.95. I joined as a GoVita VIP customer on the spot (for NO CHARGE) which reduced the price to $7.16


As an asthmatic, I usually find spray cleaners are pleasant smelling, but they nearly always make me cough and give me a tight chest. The EnviroClean spray smelt really lovely and fresh, it DIDN’T make me cough at all and I didn’t find myself reaching for my Ventolin inhaler while using it. PLUS PLUS in my books!

Feel on hands

The solution didn’t sting my hands and didn’t make them feel dry or tight after I finished cleaning the rooms. My hands didn’t hurt that night, like they usually do after doing a big clean with other branded spray cleaners

The bonus of it not affecting my lungs, my breathing or my sensitive hands will definitely have me reusing this cleaner


Ok, this was the biggest point for me, because I’d take the coughing and the stinging hands if it means that spray cleaners actually clean! I’d always been under the belief that natural cleaners don’t work... But this one DID! The spray from the nozzle was wide and covered a large surface area. It came out slightly foamy, which wiped off really easily without leaving residue. And most importantly, it removed marks off the walls reasonably easily. I did need a little more elbow grease than I would usually use but the overall clean was excellent and cleaned all surfaces (walls, steel window frames, skirting boards, painted bunk beds and laminate shelving units) really easily. I didn’t hesitate to put the children to bed that night in their newly clean rooms. There was no chemical smell that was lingering, just a pleasant, clean smell that wasn’t overpowering at all.


I love this product. It removed all marks and stains from every surface, including something dried, hard and gross that I found under one of the beds. It did take a little more elbow grease, but not enough to be off putting and the bonus of it not affecting my lungs, my breathing or my sensitive hands will definitely have me reusing this cleaner. Another huge bonus is this bottle can be returned to Go Vita and refilled, that means less plastic landfill and the refill price is cheaper than the original purchase price.

Have you used this cleaner before? What is your go-to chemical free cleaner?

Love you all, Dee