My honest review of Dusk's Alexis Nebuliser

I am a sucker for aromatherapy oils and diffusers, so when Dusk released their range of nebulisers, I grabbed the Alexis style and couldn’t wait to get it home. I’ve always hated how humidifiers and diffusers can make the house moist through the winter, as I constantly battle with mould in our country house. So I was excited to find the Dusk nebuliser didn’t have a water tank and instead released pure, undiluted oils. Here’s my honest review of the Dusk Alexis Nebuliser.

What is a nebuliser?

Nebulising diffusers work a little bit different to other essential oil diffusers. Nebulisers use a series of glass tubes to disperse the oils in their most pure form. Nebulisers use more oils than other ultrasonic diffusers, but as they release pure oils, you don't need to run them for as long. Nebulisers need no water or heat to function, so all you get is pure, undiluted essential oils, released into your home or office.

Nebulisers need no water or heat to function, so all you get is pure, undiluted essential oils, released into your home or office.

What is an ultrasonic diffuser?

Ultrasonic oil diffusers do as their name suggests. They use ultrasonic vibrations to break the oil molecules into microparticles that are dispersed into the air in water droplets. Ultrasonic diffusers require water in a holding tank, therefore do not release pure oils, rather diluted oils inside water particles that make the air slightly moist, similar to a humidifier. This can be a massive bonus for those who live in dry climates as it moistens the air, however if you live in a cold wet environment, like I do in the Adelaide Hills, the extra moisture in the air can be shocking for mould growth.

Dusk Alexis Nebuliser

I love the sleek and modern design of the Alexis Nebuliser, with its natural wooden base and hand blow glass, it’s a beautiful design that compliments a wide range of decors. I love how small and portable the unit is. It’s very easy to move from room to room without having to carry a water base with it.

What's the scent coverage like?

Excellent! I was surprised how much the scent filled our home quickly. We have a 3 bedroom house, which is quite old and draughty. Also, because of the age of our home, it quite often can smell musty and damp. Alexis fills the house with pure oils that are much stronger than diluted oils from my diffusers. I love how my house smells when I have the Alexis Nebuliser running.

How much oil does it use?

A LOT! As I said earlier, because the oils are not diluted, I do find I am going through my oils much faster than what I do with my other diffusers. However I am happy to accept the use of the oils given how much more the scent fills the home.

Would I recommend?

Unfortunately, no! When I tested Alexis in the Dusk store, the assistant had a lot of trouble trying to get it started. She was obviously new and a little undertrained, but she struggled so much with the demo device in store, that she couldn’t even get it started. I took this as her inexperience and didn’t think I’d have the same issues at home. But I did! Alexis is VERY hard to get started. You have to apply just the right finger pressure to the button to activate it, which can take many many repeated attempts to get it going. It’s not uncommon for me to touch it 20 or more times just to get it started. Very frustrating! Even worse still, I have only had Alexis for about a month and it has now completely stopped working. I will return it to the store, but given that I bought it discounted, I doubt they will give me a refund. I have also noticed online that Dusk no longer sells Alexis, even though it was only released a few months ago - I suspect this is because of the fault in the start button. They have replaced it with a new design, however I’ve been a bit put off by the experience of Alexis.

Since my Alexis has stopped working, I have ordered a new Diffusing Nebuliser from Eco Modern Essentials, which I will review once I’ve received it.

Overall, I love nebulising diffusers and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular ultrasonic diffusers, however I can not recommend the Dusk Alexis as it’s completely stopped working after less than a month.

Do you use a nebuliser? What's your favourite? Let me know what is your favourite and what your favourite essential oil scent is!

Love you all, Dee