Libby's Story

On Saturday 7th of November 2020, Libby was killed as she was walking on the footpath with her boyfriend, Luke, her friend Eva and Eva’s boyfriend Tye. But I don’t want to talk about how she died. I want to talk about how she lived.

I had the honour of writing Libby’s eulogy, or life story as we preferred to call it, that was read out at her service. It was such an honour. Not only to write it, but to listen to all the wonderful stories that people shared about her, so that I could share them with the world. Libby was my cousin, but also my God Sister as her mother, Julie, is my Godmother and my aunty. Julie and I have a special bond, not just because she is my Godmother, but because we often joke that I am actually her daughter.

Libby’s casket was custom hand painted gloss black with gold handles because god damn it, that girl deserved to be sent off in a kick arse cadillac. The florist told us we’d need about 60 sunflowers. We ordered 200. Because “Excess is nearly enough”. We were told we could only have 100 people at the service venue. So we had 3 venues. A wake and a whole lotta people live streaming. Libby was a special girl. She touched a lot of hearts and a lot of people wanted to be present, in any way that they could. It was hell trying to organise that many people. But we did it. Because that’s what Lib deserved.

So, Libby. Why was she so special? Well, she wasn’t just a pretty face. She was smart. Dumb smart, but mostly smart. She wanted to become a dentist so that she could change lives. She saw how her mothers confidence and life changed when she got her teeth fixed, so she wanted to give that gift to others. She was incredibly good at art and saw dentistry as a form of art that changed lives. Little did she know, she was already changing lives.

What has Libby taught me and the world in her 19 short years? Well, she taught people to live to the fullest. Libby was always busy. She was always into something, doing something. She rode horses, played the violin and the cello. She danced, she did cheerleading and trampolining. But what she did most, was love. She loved so many people and she always told them. Every phone call ended with an “I love you” and every “see you soon” ended with “I love you”. So, love others. Love everyone. Tell them you love them. Love without fear of judgement. Love without reservation. Love hard. And love deeply.

She taught us to be funny. Be quirky. Be different. Be you. Because you are perfect, just the way you are. Wear your Doc boots when everyone else is wearing heels. Just be you. Be proud of yourself and people will be proud of you. So, girls; in a world where you can be anything, be like Lib, but be you. Be the Lib-You.

Luke is the epitome of a man. He loved Lib with all his heart and soul. He was so strong throughout that last night. When she was injured, the first thing he did was call the Julies and tell them to come quickly. He’s strong and holds it together. But then he cries too. He isn’t afraid to let the world see that his heart is broken. He isn’t afraid to let the world see he lost the love he was going to build a life with. He isn’t afraid to reach out and tell people what he’s feeling. So boys; in a life world where you can be anything, be like Luke, but be you. Be the Luke-You.

When you are faced with death, don’t let your heart be filled with anger or hatred, just fill it with love. Don’t focus on the “how” just remember the “who”. The earth keeps spinning, even though you want to yell at the world “don’t you know what the world has lost? Don’t you KNOW?” Life will continue. Yours will too. The sun will rise. Then set. Then rise again. With every new day, is a new chance and a new page turned in your book. Don’t stop writing in those pages. Find your life purpose. Live it. Share your pages. Share your story. Share Libby’s. But most of all, don’t forget to love.

Love you all, Dee