Libby's Legacy

When someone we love is taken from us, we must find the purpose for their death. So, what was Libby's Legacy?

Firstly, I want to acknowledge all of the people that have shared Libby’s Story, commented, messaged us directly and have sent us your thoughts. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. Libby wanted to make a difference in this world, so now that she is gone, we will continue her mission for her. Please continue to share her story, keep her in your thoughts and never forget to love.

I’ve been struggling so desperately to put into words how Libby’s death has changed us. But even as a writer, I can’t find words that are beautiful enough to even begin.

I am not a religious woman and I don’t believe in God, Jesus or Heaven. But I do believe in our life purpose and I believe that we choose our life plan before birth. I believe that we choose what lessons we will learn and what lessons we will teach. I believe that we choose our parents, our life and our death all before we take our first breath.

So even though my heart is absolutely shattered into a million pieces losing our dearest Libby, I had to search for the lesson that she was here to teach. I don’t know what she taught each and every person in her life, but I do know that her life was taken to save lives and to change lives.

Those of us that were on the brink of suicide, have now learnt the valuable lesson of life.

Those of us that were simply walking through life, waiting for the end, now know that we must start living.

Those of us who couldn’t see our own worth, now know that we are irreplaceable.

Those of us who have lost our passions, now know that our passions are what drive us to be brilliant and purposeful.

Those of us struggling to see the beauty in the world, now know that beauty is everywhere if you open your heart.

Libby has taught me the most valuable lessons that I have ever been taught. I am so so sorry that her life was taken. But I know it wasn’t in vain.

She taught me to love again. I hope she teaches you too.

Love you all, Dee