Does your life feel like you're standing in front of a ball launcher?

Since becoming a mum of 3, sometimes I feel like I live my life standing in front of a ball launcher... but instead of balls being launched at me, they are demands!

Do you ever feel like you are standing in front of an automated tennis ball launcher? You know, those machines that automatically spit out tennis balls so you can practice your returns?

Except in this scenario, your life is the launcher and random tasks that must be completed, are the balls.

At first the launcher starts slow so you can practice your back hand, forehand and lobs. You manage to complete the tasks when they are coming at you at a slow and steady pace. The more practice you get, the faster the balls (tasks) start coming.

But suddenly someone puts TWO launchers in front of you. Now it’s getting a bit tricky. You have to prioritize which ball is coming at you first and which needs your most attention. Your returns start to get a little sloppy and you miss the odd ball. But somehow, you manage to keep up.

Then some smartarse comes along and puts a third launcher in front of you. That arsehole also breaks the off switch so you have no other option but to stand there, frantically running around with no true strategy or skills to deal with the thousands of balls that are coming at you. Now you are getting hits in the head, in the body and even take a few to the crotch. It hurts and you are in pain and failing desperately.This is what it feels like to be a mum. Especially a mum with multiple children.

"Now you are getting hits in the head, in the body and even take a few to the crotch. It hurts and you are in pain and failing desperately"

The balls are tasks that each child is throwing at you and they all demand for an instant and perfect return of their ball. But it just doesn’t work. You feel like you are failing. Completely overwhelmed, out of your depth and hopeless.

Here's where you have 2 options. You can stand there and keep getting balls to the crotch. Or you can turn the launcher off and tend to your wounds before taking one more hit.

Being a mum is just like the saying “put your life vest on first”. You have to help yourself first. You have no other option but to turn off the ball launcher. Stop. Ice your bruises. Heal any cuts you might have. Get yourself some tennis lessons. Buy yourself a better quality tennis racquet. Turn the launch speed to slow.

YOU HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST or it just won't work.

Do you feel like this sometimes? Let me know what works best for you

Love you all, Dee

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