Our Black Point getaway with kids

This weekend we spent a few days in Black Point on the Yorke Peninsula, for a quick family getaway. Due to Covid19, interstate travel is generally off the cards, so it’s given us a great excuse to explore South Australia a bit more and discover some hidden gems.

Where is Black Point?

Black Point is 174kms, about 2 hours, from Adelaide and is an absolute cracker of a getaway. Black Point is a beautiful crescent beach with soft white sand and crystal blue water with various types of shacks and holiday homes directly on the shore with their front yards or decks right on the sand. The cove is protected by the surrounding mainland, so the water is really calm and quite shallow, meaning it’s super safe for the children to play in the shallows while we sat on the deck of our accommodation enjoying a glass of wine.

What are the accommodation options?

Black Point offers absolute beachfront accommodation with the rental options varying from very basic shacks to quite luxurious. There is also a really nice caravan park located nearby, overlooking the bay. Because of the size of our extended family, we hired 2 dwellings a few shacks apart. One of the rentals was a huge 2 story house with a total of 8 bedrooms, sleeping up to 24 guests! It was very modern, clean and would satisfy even the most indulgent of travellers. The large accommodation that we booked was Waterfront Dolphin and Starfish. There was basic bedding provided, however you need to take your fitted sheets and pillows. Dolphin and Starfish both had large kitchens that were fully equipped for all your cooking needs. There were 2 outdoor barbeques as well as 2 large outdoor tables. There was also an outdoor cold water shower for rinsing off the sand and seawater before heading inside. The laundry is fitted with a washing machine, but no dryer, however outside there are 2 large clothes lines. You’ll also need to pack your own towels and any personal products you need, as this rental accommodation does not provide them.

The other house was a small beach shack, called Happy Shack that had 3 bedrooms and bedding for 8. Even though Happy Shack was quite dated on the exterior, the interior was modern and comfortable for any length of stay. There were 3 smallish bedrooms, with twin singles in one, 2 bunk beds in the second and a queen size in the main bedroom. The shack came with basic bedding, but as with Dolphin and Starfish, you needed to supply your own towels, fitted sheets and pillows. The bathroom in Happy Shack is a little dated, but the shower runs nice and hot, the water pressure is good and it’s very clean. All you need for a beach side getaway!

I would say that either accommodation was extremely suitable, depending on your budget.

Marine life close to the shore

I had to work on the Saturday morning and the twins had a birthday party to go to, so we were only able to stay for 1 night. Alex went up the day before with my mother in law, so he was able to stay 2 nights… Jealous! When we arrived, it was quite cold and overcast, but it was still lovely to be there. The weather on the second day was absolutely perfect, mid 20’s and blue skies.

Within 30 mins of our arrival the cove was filled with sea animals that delighted us all. A pod of dolphins swam just offshore and 2 friendly stingrays swam close to the shore for several laps, which was really cool as I’d never seen stingrays in the ocean before, either had the children, so it was a real treat! The locals tell me that the stingrays actually come each evening, around 5pm, to patrol the beach for any left over fishing bait or other yummy fishy treats. Next holiday to Black Point, we will definitely be hanging out by the waters edge in the early evening to try and catch a glimpse of the stingrays again.

As I was standing in shin deep water with the children, Alex noticed a large blue swimmer crab just near me. I tried to scoop it up with the children’s small fishing net, but it was too big and kept falling out of the net. Eventually I gave up and watched it swim into the deeper water. Black Point is an awesome fishing and crabbing spot. My nephew caught 8 blue crabs just off the rocks and my other nephew and husband, Andrew, caught a decent amount of salmon trout from the beach. If you’re keen for a bit of fishing, you can expect to catch King George whiting, gar, tommies, salmon trout, blue crabs and snook in the bay and for those with boats and a bit of local knowledge, some big snapper just offshore.

Where to eat?

The closest town for meals is Port Vincent, which was about 25 mins away each way, so I would recommend bringing all the food and supplies you need, otherwise you’ll need to travel a bit for pub meals. However, the food and hospitality at The Ventnor Hotel was excellent and all 17 of us were very happy with our meals. The oysters are divine! There is also a super cute vintage coffee van that is often in the area, so keep an eye out for Wilfred the Van; you can check out their Facebook page to see if they are in your area during your stay. Ardrossan is your other choice for meals. We didn’t eat there during this stay, but there are loads of places you can find online to help you find somewhere to suit all culinary requirements.

Black Point has no supermarket or corner store, so you’ll need to bring all your food supplies from home or make the trip to Port Vincent to pick up what you need. If you do travel to Port Vincent, next door to the IGA Supermarket, there is a quaint little gift store that has a nice range of little goodies to enjoy and purchase.

All in all I would highly recommend Black Point for your next family getaway. The children, Andrew and I really really enjoyed our time there, and we will be heading back, next time for a week or so, very soon!

Have you been to Black Point before? What was your favourite experience there? Do you have any tips or suggestions for a better stay? Let me know below!

Love you all, Dee